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our coffee

At Cornish Bakery our baristas serve customers smooth and rich-tasting cups of coffee every time. We use award-winning, delicious and ethically sourced coffee beans from Rwanda, Burundi, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala & Nicaragua. Hand-roasted in small and carefully tended batches they create captivating blends such as our espresso – dark-roasted for a rich caramel finish with hints of chocolate and treacle. We use local milk producers (where available) to ensure the creamiest coffees possible.

union direct trade

Our 100% Arabica coffee comes from the dedicated team at Union. They have been sourcing and roasting the world’s best coffee beans since 2001. Union aims to improve coffee production worldwide and has shown that paying coffee farmers a fair price is not only the right thing to do, but helps to ensure decent labour standards, investment in smallholder farms and worldwide sustainability. This system is called Union Direct Trade and Cornish Bakery is extremely proud to do business with it.